Colombia joins ENCHANTED

Following from our last news update, we are pleased to welcome our first recruitment from Colombia at Fundacion Cardiovascular de Colombia Hospital.  Colombia is now the eighth country to join our study, and the second from the South American region. Congratulations and welcome to the team at this site on their first recruitment to ENCHANTED, which occured on 8th February 2013. Congratulations also to everyone involved in ENCHANTED for their hard work which continues to grow our study.

Vietnam joins ENCHANTED

We are excited to announce that the first site in Vietnam has begun recruiting into ENCHANTED this week, making Vietnam the 7th country to join the study. Welcome and congratulations to The People’s Hospital 115 in Vietnam for your first recruitment, which occured on 3rd February 2013. We look forward to more exciting news as our recruitment continues to grow!

300th Patient Randomised!

Our latest milestone to kick off ENCHANTED in 2013 is the randomisation of our 300th patient! Congratuations to the team at Royal Victoria Infirmary Hospital in the UK, who randomised the 300th patient this week on 18th January 2013. It’s an excellent start to the year, and we’re excited to continue watching as the number of participants grows – to all our sites, keep up the good work!

The 100th Patient Randomized

ENCHANTED got the 100th patient last night. Congratulations! St. George’s Hospital Medical School ( UK ) randomized the 100th patient at 13:24 13th Aug. Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust ( UK )randomized the 101st patient 4 minutes after that!  Congratulations to the ENCHANTED team !


European Investigator Meeting

On the 24th May the ENCHANTED team conducted an Investigator Meeting in conjunction with the European Stroke Conference held in Lisbon, Portugal.

New ENCHANTED ICC Team Members

Today we welcome two new ENCHANTED team members to the International Coordinating Centre in Australia.  Elizabeth Knight (Senior Clinical Research Associate ) and Emma Thembani ( Clinical Project Assistant ).