ENCHANTED Steering Committee Meeting

The ENCHANTED Steering Committee recently met in Hawaii on 8th Feb 2013, following this year’s International Stroke Conference. The Steering Committee took the opportunity to congratulate the investigators and the study team for the successful launch of the ENCHANTED trial. The UK national leader, Prof. Tom Robinson, and the South American regional leader, Prof. Pablo Lavados, presented on their respective region’s successes in ENCHANTED and shared their plans for the continued progress of the study in these regions. Prof. Anderson also updated those attending on the progress in Australia and also China, on behalf of the Chinese national leader, Prof Yining Huang.

In the coming year, the study will continue to activate more sites and will be expanding the study network. We invite any hospitals that are interested in working with us on the ENCHANTED study to contact the International Coordinating Centre at ENCHANTED@georgeinstitute.org.au or contact us here.